I started life as an artist. Moving pencils and paint around came very easy and naturally. Then I picked up a guitar, WOW! What a palette of colors that opened up to declare their superiority. The pencil lines were still there, the mixing of paint, the joy of watching different shades collide was not lost. It all came together in a song. 

As an artist it’s an exhilarating rush to create a piece of work that someone desires to hang on their wall.  But there it is, hanging. It’s done, complete.  Sure, people see it and enjoy it, but you are not part of it anymore.  Music is different.  As a songwriter, you get to paint the same painting over and over again. Repeat the experience… relive the creation of the art. 

The song… It’s the ultimate art piece.

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If you haven't heard any of Jeff's music, you're missing out. This guy has hours of excellent original music, and his strong, beautiful honeyed voice... this old-school, motorcycle ridin', songwritin' dude from a little further south is a real talent and real treat. ”

— Brett Rudder of The Gregorys

Jeff Trish is appointment entertainment. Jeff is the real deal. We're always proud to support songwriters and Jeff's repertoire is 100% original. They all sound like hits to me! ”

— Ben Wenk, owner: Ploughman Cider Taproom

Jeff Trish brings the realness!”

— Billy Jones of Chuck Darwin & The Knuckle-Draggers

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PHONE: 717-451-2927 or 717-630-8573

EMAIL:   jt@jefftrish.net